Tree Characteristics

Tree Quality
2-year old with or without interstem.


  • Quince Adams
  • Quince BA 29
  • Quince Sydo

Tree Distances

  • Row: 3,50 to 4,00 m
  • Tree: 1,00 to 1,50 m

‚Conference‘ (tbc)

Blossom Time
medium to early

Yield Productivity
precocious regular and high

Training System
Slender Spindle with trellis at scaffold level

Tree Growth

  • medium-growth habit
  • relatively flat, partly weeping


  • healthy tree
  • (medium-) robust against fireblight

Fruit Characteristics

Picking (-window)
20 days after ‚Conference‘ and 10 days after ‚Beurre Bosc‘ /‘Kaiser Alexander‘.

typical pear shape, regular in shape and size; approx. 200 g with red cheek; medium stemlength, slightly thick; robust fruit skin; crisp texture and consistency (firmness, juiciness); very good taste with enough sweet- ness and light acidity.

very good storage capability until April (or longer, tbc); in cold storage as well as CA storage at – 0,5° C temperature and level of 1% oxygen and 1.5% carbon dioxide 7 to 10 days of post-storage above 8° C are needed for full flavour expression.

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